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Awareness of Mental Health at Work

Fostering a culture of understanding and acceptance of people with mental illness is the foundation to building psychologically healthy and safe workplaces. This workshop is designed to help build comfort in talking about mental health and mental illness, and learn how to respond in a supportive way to co-workers who may be experiencing a mental illness. This 1 to 2-hour workshop is suitable for employees and general audiences. This workshop begins by building an understanding of the continuum of mental health, and the risk and protective factors that influence our current state of mental health. It uses personal stories to help build awareness of what it is like to experience mental illnesses like anxiety disorders or depression at work. This workshop often includes an interview with a guest speaker to share their experience of living and working with a mental illness. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and leave with a list of resources available to help support your mental health. The workshop fee is $500 to $750. This workshop is available for delivery across BC by the following certified trainers: Julia Kaisla, Laura Allen, Gord Menelaws, Margaret Tebbutt, Lucette Wesley. To learn how to bring this workshop to your workplace, please contact or 604-678-8952 Our certified trainers are also available for speaking events, custom workshops and to help you plan and implement your workplace mental health strategy. Contact us to learn more!

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