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Living Life to the Full for Youth

Living Life to the Full for Youth is a fun, interactive course that will leave youth with the inspiration and tools to get the most out of life. Offered as part of the Blue Wave youth mental health program, this course has been shown to improve mood and well-being and reduce stress and anxiety. Living Life to the Full for Youth is an eight-week community-based course that provides simple, practical skills for coping with stress, problem solving, boosting your mood, and busting bad thoughts. Adapted from the adult course, the course is designed for youth ages 13-18. Young adult facilitators ages 20-25 deliver the course alongside experienced adult Living Life to the Full certified facilitators. Together they present a new topic at each weekly class, bringing the skills to life though booklets, worksheets, group activities and discussions. In a participant survey 100% agreed that overall the course was useful to them and would be likely to recommend the course to another young person, and 90% agreed that the course was useful in improving their self-esteem. To learn more or to sign up for a course visit To help us provide more Living Life to the Full for Youth courses in BC, please donate. Learn more:

Living Life to the Full for Youth is supported by Vancouver Foundation and Coast Capital Savings  

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