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Our Staff

Management and Administration

Executive Director: Susann Collins

Reception: Natesha Hayes & Kelly Lafrentz

Natesha –
Kelly –


Financial Administrator: Nicole Bissat

Mental Health and Support Programs

Activity/Clubhouse: Rick McKinney
Homeless Outreach and Extreme Weather Response: Marnie Jensen
Supported Independent Living (SIL): Kathy Provost
Acquired Brain Injury: Tshidi Machete
Community Navigator: Kim Fraser
Stopping the Violence Counselling (STV): Kalika Moody
Stopping the Violence Counselling Assistant: Tshidi Machete
Safe House: Roxanne Salinas
Soupe de Tour Volunteer Coordinator: Tshidi Machete
ASIST facilitators: Kathy Provost, Kelly Lafrentz; safeTALK facilitator: Kathy Provost
Living Life to the Full facilitator and Youth Living Life to the Full facilitator: Marnie Jensen
Community Engagement Coordinator: Kristin Wells


Cariboo Trail Terrace Subsidized Family Housing Site Manager: Susann Collins and Nicole Bissat; Caretaker: Rick McKinney

General Intake Email:
Staff Email Addresses: Generally,

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