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Scholarships and Bursaries

Since 1982, CMHA BC has been helping people with mental illness further their pursuit of post-secondary education through our scholarship and bursary programs. Several scholarships and bursaries are available each year to BC adults, 20 years of age or older, who are living with a mental illness or addiction:

Apply for the LGM Continuous Learning Bursary online. Application deadline: August 31, 2016 The application period is usually between May to June each year. Applicants can apply for either a bursary or a scholarship each year. An applicant may win a bursary or scholarship more than once, but will not be eligible to win an award two years in a row. Through the Lorne Fraser Educational Fund, we’ve helped more than 150 British Columbians pursue their educational dreams. “I cannot begin to thank Lorne Fraser and CMHA BC for selecting me as one of the Lorne Fraser award recipients. I was planning to take a hiatus from studies because I could not afford the tuition for fall and was very saddened by the situation. I cannot begin to find adequate words to elucidate the relief I felt after receiving your email and realizing I can indeed continue with my studies and portfolio … I am so happy you are supporting me on my journey to contribute to society on many levels.” – Bursary Recipient With your help we can offer even more scholarships and bursaries each year. Please donate. Learn more:

LGM Continuous Learning Bursary        Lorne Fraser crest The LGM Continuous Learning Bursary is funded by LGM Financial Services Inc.

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